Who’s coming with me?

When was the last time something truly magical happened to you?

Was it today?

Was it yesterday? or so damn long ago you can’t even remember the details.

My life is abundant in so many ways, but the amount of abundance that has flowed forth into my life over the last fourteen days, is tantamount to criminal.

I truly believe that I’m receiving more in one day than most do in a whole lifetime. I hope I’m wrong about that?

Most of this will reveal itself in good time, but the reason for sharing this with you is simple.

Anyone can do this. It just takes massive action.

My book
Bet On You –
The secret of how to begin to live a more expanded life .
will be exploding onto your book shelf on August 26th 2021.

I already know how impactful this book will be, and so in visualising my upcoming successes, my subconscious has been rewarding me with wondrous ideas in which to help hit these goals.

One of these is as follows.

Bet On You is a memoir and personal development book.

I truly believe it can help everyone in some way shape or form*

*if they want help.

I won’t give the plot away, but the major catalyst for my Lazarus-like comeback was the huge help and impact of the gambler’s helpline here in Australia www.gamblershelp.com.au

Eighteen months FREE psychology services that set me on the path to redemption.

I know that this book will help people, it already has,
But I want to create massive impact.

So here’s what I’ve been doing.

Using my Trademark #DinoBalls courage, I’ve started reaching out to the CEO’s of all the organisations around the western world that manage the amazing services for problem gamblers.

My idea is simple.

I want to joint venture with these organisations and leverage their existing networks/databases to ensure that every single problem gambler in the system, gets a copy of the book as part of their recovery.

I sell lots of books and lots of people read the book. Massive Impact.

Know anyone that is interested in helping this process? Lets connect.

Why the book?

In December, I’ll be celebrating my sixth year of gambling sobriety.

In that time, I’ve also figured out (for myself at least) how to remove the desire to want to gamble, drink, drugs, sugar etc.

I believe once you nail that, giving up anything else you want becomes almost effortless.

Some of my truths.

I don’t take diet advice from fat slobs.

I don’t take health advice from sickly looking people.

I don’t take advice from accountants on how to build an apartment complex using only sustainable materials.

I take advice from people that have done what I want to do.

So why should anyone take my advice?

They shouldn’t.

But they can read the damn story of how I did it and make their decisions from there.

All I ever needed was counsel from people that had done it. Trouble was, I only took advice from people that had no clue what they were talking about.

Politicians that pretend to know what they are talking about, Doctors that spend 16 years learning the wrong information and refuse to let it go, Advertising campaigns telling me that Milo is a five star on the health rating system?

It turns out that we are constantly being misled, mis-directed and downright bare-faced lied to and I’m done with complaining about it.

I’m here to start a movement of accountability, courage, self-belief and some truly humbling honestly.

If more people tried to lead by example, we wouldn’t need as many followers.

Who’s coming with me?

Published by Laban Ditchburn

New Zealand born, Australian citizen with a fresh perspective on life after conquering addiction in all its forms. Ultra-marathons, self-experimentation and extreme mental challenges are my new jam. Seeing other human-beings push their own mental, physical and spiritual boundaries is one of life's great gifts. Whilst continuing my own quest for self-improvement, I thrive in working with those that are willing to make their own changes for the better. Also, I eat steak like it's going out of fashion.

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