Love me or H8 me?

Get ready to love me or hate me because on August 26th 2021, my new book “Bet On You” will slam into metaphoric books shelves with an absolute vengeance.

My publisher friend, Ann Sheybani says “Laban, your writing is so polarising, most people are going to either absolutely love you…..or absolutely hate you!”

And so the memoir/self-help book will be sure to ruffle a few feathers…

Feathers around diet, mental health, sex, drugs, gambling and high-class escorts called Double and Trouble.

Feathers around how I choose to deal with toxic situations, toxic people and toxic language.

Feathers around ideas on how to manage addictions, run ultramarathons and run from the police.

Feathers around riding to school, riding my luck and riding the pink unicorn of ecstasy.

But I don’t give a pluck what you think of me after reading this book.

I just hope for one single outcome.

That you benefit from it.

Because that’s why I poured my blood, sweat and tears into it.

I look forward to sharing it with you either way

Laban M Ditchburn

Published by Laban Ditchburn

New Zealand born, Australian citizen with a fresh perspective on life after conquering addiction in all its forms. Ultra-marathons, self-experimentation and extreme mental challenges are my new jam. Seeing other human-beings push their own mental, physical and spiritual boundaries is one of life's great gifts. Whilst continuing my own quest for self-improvement, I thrive in working with those that are willing to make their own changes for the better. Also, I eat steak like it's going out of fashion.

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