Who is Laban Ditchburn?

Photo of Laban Ditchburn, author, motivational speaker and Dino-balls coach

I made a commitment when creating this blog that these would be “always entertaining” and I intend to keep that promise.

I also feel like its necessary to inform those that read these weekly blogs, who they are in fact, reading about when I share stories of my own life.

Well, here it is.

I’m Laban Ditchburn, a forty-one-year-old New Zealand born New Zealander, who holds both an Australian and New Zealand passport.

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my amazing and stunningly hot Fiancé Anna, and we have been together since September 2018.

I have an older half-brother from another father, one younger full-blooded brother and two younger half-sisters from another mother. If we ever did a family zoom call, it would look like the opening sequence of the Brady Bunch TV show.

I’m a truth seeker and I want to know the truth so that I can make informed decisions in my life.

That’s it really and I don’t think I’m unique in my thinking.

I suspect this thirst for the truth, stems from finding out that I had been (accidentally or intentionally) lied to about my health by no-less than twenty medical professionals for seventeen years. And that REALLY pissed me off.

Equally, I’m grateful this has happened, because it’s created an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the by-product has been largely positive in my own life.

If you read/watch/hear something that talk about and you get value from it, let me know. Likewise, if you disagree with something I talk about, I’m always happy to have a civil discussion.

I came to figure out my reason for being on this planet only in the last two years. And it’s this.

To be known as the world’s most positively influential speaker.

Of late however, I feel that maybe I’m meant to take the role of John Connor from terminator. And instead of tackling Skynet, I’m supposed to take out the political oppressors who are keeping us locked up and “safe”. Time will tell i suppose.

Being in the throes of Melbourne’s fifth lockdown has been depleting my creative side somewhat, but hopefully soon enough….. I’ll be back.

This will do for the meantime as I have an aggressive book deadline to meet. Stay tuned for Bet On You, hitting book shelves soon!

Published by Laban Ditchburn

New Zealand born, Australian citizen with a fresh perspective on life after conquering addiction in all its forms. Ultra-marathons, self-experimentation and extreme mental challenges are my new jam. Seeing other human-beings push their own mental, physical and spiritual boundaries is one of life's great gifts. Whilst continuing my own quest for self-improvement, I thrive in working with those that are willing to make their own changes for the better. Also, I eat steak like it's going out of fashion.

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