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Last Saturday morning I was brainstorming about who else I could ask to endorse my-very-soon to be released book, Bet On You.

One name sprung to mind.

Last year I interviewed current Australian Cricket Coach, author, speaker and former player, Justin Langer. We had great chemistry and are both huge cricket nuffies.

An endorsement by the man they simply call “JL” would be elite.

Before I made the brave request, I really wanted to add some value into JL’s life. He’s a busy guy and already gives a lot of himself to others.

I love to add value in peoples lives. It’s served me really well and I derive a lot of joy as a result.

Plus, it was the least I could do in exchange for a book endorsement!

I went back over the video footage of Justin and me and kept an eye out for anything that might be of value to use.

I struck gold early as I watched one section of our chat when JL spoke about his (and his family’s) obsession with pop superstar, P!nk.

He always wanted to have her over to the family home in Perth for a good old-fashioned BBQ and a few beers, nothing more Australian than that, really.

Then a great idea popped into my head.

Steve Sims, Author of the bestselling book, “Bluefishing” was a former guest on my show also. He is known as an executive concierge and a modern-day “Wizard of Oz!”

Steve has put together some of the most extraordinary events ever. Including arranging for the Pope to marry a couple in the Vatican, dinner at the feet of David’s statue, followed serenading in A cappella by none other than Andrea Bocelli!

Check out his amazing work here: https://www.stevedsims.com/

So, I wrote JL the email explaining why I was getting in contact and sent him a copy of Steve Sims book. I also offered to make an introduction if he was interested in me doing so.

But that’s not the story.

Later in the podcast, I asked Justin who was the most influential author he had been impacted by in his life.

He shared a story of when he was eighteen years old and still four years away from being selected for the Australian Cricket team.

He met a gentleman by the name of Andrew Matthews.

Andrew Matthews is a best-selling author of more than 7 million books (and counting), published in forty-three languages and one of the great all-time Australian Authors on self-development.

At the time they met, Justin had purchased the book and had asked Andrew to autograph it.

Andrew is most famously known for the amazing cartoons he draws in the books he writes.

(Check out his website here for all his stories: https://andrewmatthews.com/ )

So, naturally, he drew a cartoon of Justin, dressed up in his cricket gear, pads, helmet, and swinging a cartoon cricket bat.

He also wrote the number “250” above the caricature of Justin and wished him all the best.

Justin went on to be selected for the Australian Cricket team, debuting as cap 354 on the 23rd January 1993, playing 105 tests for Australia and firmly cementing himself as one of the greats of the game.

In discussing this with Justin, suddenly, an enormous smile came over his face.

“Any guesses for what my highest ever score was?” JL asked

“What? Two hundred and fifty?” I replied sceptically.

“Yep, you guessed it”.

Justin joked he wished Andrew had bumped it up to 300!

What do you make of this dear reader?

That’s a helluva coincidence don’t you think?

Maybe Justin’s subconscious took that number on and, like Captain Kirk from Star Trek said “make it so!”

This got me thinking. Did Andrew know about the impact he had on Justin’s life?

I decided to find out.

I hunted Andrew down on LinkedIn and sent him the following message:

“Hi, Andrew, a mutual friend of Justin Langer here (Well, close enough ;))

Do you know the story JL tells about how you impacted his life?”

Minutes later, I get the following response.

“Hey, Laban Thank you for connecting! I have fond memories of playing tennis with Justin in Henley Beach SA – and I have continued to admire him in the 30 years since. But I don’t know the story he tells. What is the story?” Cheers Andrew

We connected in the hours following this exchange, and I took great delight in sharing this story with him.

He didn’t even know…

Andrew revealed that this feedback made his whole day!

Andrew then went on to share amazing tips and ideas that I could implement with my upcoming book. It went from JL to LD in no time flat.

He indulged me by listening to me read an entire chapter of my book. He praised my writing ability, shaved years off my literary learning curve with the knowledge I acquired, which most budding writers would kill for.

I had the ear of one of the most important authors in Australian history.

What actual dollar value can you place on that?

You can’t.

And all it took was one LinkedIn message and a genuine desire to pass on some glorious news.

He, in turn, introduced me to the world of Andrew Matthews and the absolute brilliant simplicity of his writings. He has inspired millions with his work and inadvertently inspired me in the process.

So what’s the lesson here.

Never assume that people get the feedback they deserve.

In fact, always assume that they don’t.

Be the person who passes on the positive news and watch what happens in your own life as a direct result of service to others.

“Man, Laban, I wish I could do that” I hear you say.

Well, today is your lucky day.

I coach people that want to develop these skills further.

I do it because I love it.

But more importantly, I’m world-class at it.

If you want to take your service to a world-class level, then let’s have an honest conversation about how I can help you with that.

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