“I’m trying a new style of forgiveness – update!

Have you tried the new style of forgiveness from the previous post?

Join Laban as he discusses how he applied forgiving for good in his life.

“I’m trying a new style of forgiveness”

Have you ever thought about the power of forgiveness?
Could forgiveness potentially lead to health and happiness?
Join Laban as he reflects on his conversation with Dr. Fred Luskin for the upcoming podcast episode and explore a new type of forgiveness.

Asking for Chicken Soup

Asking for things is a skill that is built into us at a very early stage in life. But have you ever wondered what a simple action like asking can accomplish? What are some of the extraordinary things it can set in motion?
Join Laban as he reflects on his conversations with New York Times Best Selling Co-Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Mark Victor Hansen.

How To Win Mentors and Influence Mentors

How do we win the attention of mentors and influence them? Was is the key to starting a mentorship relationship?
Join Laban as he share the valuable insights gained from conversations with Best Selling Co-Author, Bob Burg.