Bet On You

Discover the debut memoir and self-help book by the world’s best courage coach, Laban Ditchburn.

Take the first step to make your life more extraordinary now!

Fun fact: Hitting rock bottom doesn’t physically hurt.

Not so fun fact: Emotional, spiritual, and mental rock bottom
In just such a rock bottom moment, Laban Ditchburn sought help.

Sure, he had great friends, a great career, and weekends that would go down in the annals of history. But underneath it all, Laban was crippled by addiction. Drugs, gambling, drinking, sex, junk food, negative self-talk, limiting self-beliefs ruled his life, catalyzing countless acts of stupidity that nearly landed him in the grave.

This is the story of how one party boy went from zero to hero, and how you can too.

If you’re slowly spiralling out of control; if you’re not having nearly
as much fun as you used to; if you know you need a course
correct, like NOW; these raw, real-life stories will give you the
permission to change, all on your terms.

If you have a feeling deep inside that you’re destined for much
greater things…If you know there’s a reason for being on this
planet, this is YOUR time to take massive and courageous action.

Now is the time to Bet On You!

Mark Victor Hansen
“Secretly, in almost everyone’s heart of hearts they want to become a superhero. This book will tell you how to be all you can be, do all you can do, and have all you can have.
Happy reading”
Mark Victor Hansen
co-creator of three book series that have sold over 500,000,000 books,
Chicken Soup for the Soul, OMM, and ASK!
Mark Victor Hansen
Steve Hansen
“This book is a fascinating insight to a fellow mankind’s journey through what can only be described as hell and back.
The story has been told with a rawness and honesty that makes you feel like you are part of the whole thing.
Laban’s insights also provides us with some powerful wisdom along the way.
He should be commended and thanked in sharing his story with us all”
Sir Steve Hansen
Former coach of the world champion New Zealand All Blacks and 4 x World Rugby Coach of the year
Steve Hansen
Evan Putman
“If you’re looking for a book that immediately grabs you by the %&$# and takes you on a wild journey of personal reflection and big, life lessons; then this is the book for you.
Bet on You is a “can’t put it down” read right from the start. Laban’s stories and life lessons show each of us that our path of infinite possibilities becomes clear when we stop playing small and go all in on the one person that matters most – you.

Do your future self a favor and buy this book today!”
Evans Putman
Creator of The Servepreneur Blueprint and Leader of the Servepreneur Movement
Evan Putman
Mark Schulman
“Laban, bravo for your unabashed bravery to dive deeply into your distorted reality and reveal your soul and exorcism to us!

Your vulnerability and willingness to give us every detail of your recovery is cathartic for everyone who reads your poetic and painful prose. What a story and life of transformation that you’ve shared with us thrill seekers craving an exciting and scary literary journey.

Thank you for your audacity and authenticity in this masterful expression of a life reinvented. Bravo, Laban. Bravo!”
Mark Schulman CSP
Drummer for P!NK, Speaker, Author
Mark Schulman
John Gray
“This book will leave you smiling, surprised and empowered with new skills that can help you live the life of your dreams.”
John Gray
Best-selling Relationship author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
John Gray
Shawn Kanungo
“An absolutely riveting tale of persevering when all the odds are against you. Ditchburn is a gifted storyteller, and he doesn’t hold back at all in Bet on You – unveiling some of his deepest and darkest moments.
This is one of the most inspiring books that I’ve ever read, and it gives some practical life lessons on how to invest in yourself.”
Shawn Kanungo
Disruption Strategist
 Shawn Kanungo
Peter Brukner
“Laban Ditchburn is a great story teller and his own story is the best one of all”
Peter Brukner OAM, MBBS, FACSP
Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician, Professor of Sports Medicine, La Trobe University Visiting Professor, LKC School of Medicine, NTU, Singapore, Convenor, SugarByHalf
Peter Brukner
Dr Alan D. Thompson
“Laban is connected to the energy that creates worlds. In his masterpiece Bet on You, Laban brings an artful eloquence in translating his experiences into writing. Vivid, colourful, and multifarious, his stories are instantly accessible, and deeply uplifting.”
Dr Alan D. Thompson
Former Chairman, Mensa International’s gifted families. AI Consultant at LifeArchitect.ai
Dr Alan D. Thompson
Monica Rosenfeld
“Inside each of us lies a superhero, and sometimes it takes a whole lot of life’s lessons and experiences to recognise that superhero and let it fly. Through Laban sharing his life stories with refreshing rawness and honesty, you feel inspired to connect with your own truths and, in doing so, the superhero lying within is revealed.”
Monica Rosenfeld
inCredible Communication Keynote Speaker and Founder of the Broadcast your Book PR System
Monica Rosenfeld
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Book Reviews

Vulnerability + A Great Writing Style = A Fantastic Read

From the opening chapter, I was struck by Laban’s vulnerability. This is something I resonate with, being very open with the world about my own story and experiences. Being open is such a powerful way to liberate yourself while helping others – Laban is a great model for the power of this approach.


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