VIP Day with Laban:

Exclusive Entrepreneur Coaching Experience

Tailored for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Success isn’t just about diligence, but leveraging insights from seasoned pros. Discover Laban’s transformative coaching, crafted for driven entrepreneurs aiming for top-tier growth.


  • Private Jet Experience: Start your day in opulence, flying hassle-free. An exclusive touch for those who value their time.
  • Direct Coaching with Laban: Leverage the expertise of a proven entrepreneur. Laban’s hands-on session is designed to supercharge your business strategy.
  • Feature on “Become Your Own Superhero” Podcast: Boost your personal brand. Join Laban on his influential podcast and reach an audience of like-minded professionals.
  • “Bet on You” Book – Autographed: Unpack success strategies with Laban’s bestselling entrepreneur guide, personally signed for you.
  • Tailored Business Strategies: Get bespoke advice suited to your business model. Our entrepreneur-focused solutions cater directly to your industry challenges.
  • Elite Networking Opportunities: Join Laban’s inner circle. Forge invaluable entrepreneur connections that can open doors.
  • Leadership Mastery: Practical and actionable leadership skills for modern entrepreneurs.
  • Gourmet Lunch: A curated meal for thought leaders like you. Let’s change the world and eat steak together.
  • Exclusive Memento: A tangible memory of a day that promises transformative entrepreneur insights.

Why Choose This Experience? Aimed at ambitious entrepreneurs ready to supernova themselves and their businesses, Laban offers a combination of hands-on strategies, networking, and mentorship. Perfect for those eyeing the next big entrepreneurial breakthrough.

Investment: $150,000 Unlock unparalleled entrepreneur insights. Secure your spot with Laban today.

Limited slots. Prioritize your entrepreneurial growth and book now.

Elevate your entrepreneur journey. Experience the difference with Laban.


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