Speaking topics

Become your own superhero

Understand the link between childhood dysfunction and adult addiction (Alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling etc) and the power of how you can SUPERCHARGE your life once you do!

“The Gut brain connection”

Expedite your physical, mental and emotional recovery by eliminating the foods that are at the root cause of auto-immune disease.

“Excuse me, but you are stunning!”

After 150 face to face first dates and countless text, phone and email exchanges over 2 years, Laban gained a rare and scary insight into the world of match-making and the mystic of the male + female connection.

A fascinating look at the world of online dating and how Laban ended up meeting the woman of his dreams (and current Fiancé) on the streets of Melbourne at 11am on the 13th September 2018….Stone….Cold….Sober!

“Bet On You”

Laban’s first publication (Released late 2020) and stories of his life to this point and how he used the amazing attributes of key figues in his life to come out the other side of his own “Rock Bottom”

Foreword by Motivational Speaker to the stars, Mr Les Brown!