What does flat earth and self-gratification have in common?

Have you ever wondered what a flat earth and self-gratification have in common?
Join Laban as he delves into the power of having an open-minded attitude.

Throwback in the time of lockdowns

Please enjoy this throwback of a collaboration between a local band and Laban.
Have you thought about flexing your creative muscles to bring a bit more joy and amusement into the world?

How not to die

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to embark on a non-stop 50k ultramarathon?
Laban shares his most recent experience, including his unique diet plan, how the run has created a positive impact on his health and the many lessons learned along the way.

“I’m trying a new style of forgiveness – update!

Have you tried the new style of forgiveness from the previous post?

Join Laban as he discusses how he applied forgiving for good in his life.

“I’m trying a new style of forgiveness”

Have you ever thought about the power of forgiveness?
Could forgiveness potentially lead to health and happiness?
Join Laban as he reflects on his conversation with Dr. Fred Luskin for the upcoming podcast episode and explore a new type of forgiveness.

Love me or H8 me?

Are you ready for the release of Bet On You?
This book can be a life-changing experience that you’re either going to love or hate.
As the author, Laban gives readers some insights into his new book.
Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the book that is coming out on the 26th of August this year!

An open letter to me on my eighty-second birthday

As a special birthday weekend goes by, have you ever wondered how your future self would look back at these joyous occasions?
Join Laban as he reflects and writes a personal letter to his future self, describing all the triumphs, challenges and things to look forward to at this point in time.

How to write an apology letter

Have you ever had a huge argument with a family member, friend or loved one and have no idea how to repair the damage?
Join Laban as he reflects on how writing an apology letter may be the way to mend bridges.

Why you’ll have way more impact as a mentor than you’ll ever know

Have you ever considered becoming a mentor?
Have personal beliefs or lack of experiences held you back?
Join Laban as he discusses why you will have a great impact on your potential mentee.
And how being a mentor can lead to great leaps for your own self-growth.