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Laban Ditchburn


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Laban Ditchburn

World's Best Courage Coach

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Laban Ditchburn

Podcast Host

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About Laban Ditchburn

“From baby steps to grown-up greatness.”

Laban Ditchburn is a motivational speaker, author, coach, a proud carnivore and an avid cricket fan. He is passionate about health, well-being and personal growth. He uses his own experiences as fuel, and his stories will empower you through unashamed vulnerability. They will force you to re-think what you thought was possible and how you can now head towards a life you only ever read about.

What Everyone is Saying…

The best things always come around by chance (or is it?). I met Laban last year and was blown away by his story, he is such an inspirational human. So much so after seeing and hearing passionately about his transformation, his passion made me believe in myself. I actioned the advice he gave me and was so ecstatic to share with him my results. Everything he said would happen is happening.

Deborah Dickinson

Empowerment Mindset Coach

I met with Laban a few times during 2019. It started off as a general recruitment business as we were both connected to the industry but I was inspired by his commitment to health & well being and how he had made a lot of positive changes to his way of life. Having got too comfortable with my own eating and drinking, meeting with Laban definitely gave me the kick up the backside & motivation I needed to start my own journey. His commitment and passion to the relevant topics of fitness, general health & well being and mindfulness are hard to match. It’s very pleasing to see all the good work that he is now producing within this space.

Aaron Magee

Recruitment Consultant

Laban is a great motivator and an excellent coach. I had the honour of him coaching me for my transition into my new role. Three sessions I had with him not only helped me successfully in my transition but also revealed to me potentials in me that I can explore to achieve greater heights in my career. Laban, I do appreciate you and thanks to Tabitha for connecting me to you.

onochie ugochukwu

Health, safety and environmental officer at Select Harvests Limited

I am so honoured to have Laban as my mentor. From him, I have learned the value of passion, hard-working, and resilience in my career path. He is such an inspiring mentor that I will always remember everything that he has taught me. He believed in me when I struggled with doubt, exhaustion, and uncertainty. That is truly a gift that cannot be repaid.

Sihang Lexie Xu

Marketing Communications Graduate Student at University of Melbourne

Laban is a master communicator and has an incredible knack for making anyone, from any walk of life, feel comfortable and supported. I am a binge-listener of his podcast Become Your Own Superhero; partly because of Laban’s phenomenal interviewing skills, partly because he consistently blows me away at the amount of high calibre guests he has on as guests. Although he doesn’t explicitly say it in every episode (although I’m sure he does in some), Laban’s drive behind finding the most amazing people in the world and inviting them on the #BYOS podcast is to bring their knowledge, insights and wisdom to an audience of people who want to learn, grow, and transform and just become a better human.

Laban’s energy and enthusiasm for his own self-development and also paying it forward and helping others are commendable. Whatever Laban puts his mind to, he over-delivers – always.

Emily Blanch

Head of Community at XY Adviser

My journey with Laban is nothing but inspiring, uplifting, and life-changing in every way. To articulate all the ways in which Laban has positively impacted my life is extremely difficult, I almost no words, he’s been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

I’m beyond grateful for our journey together. With his calm, kindness, and joy flowing through his life every day with the addition of his hunger and drive for reaching our everyday potential, I can now honestly say I’m starting to live a similar life. He has allowed me to be my raw true self, and believe I can do ANYTHING, he has supported me like no other, uplifted me like I was the only person he was coaching, and allowed me to feel safe and to grow in more ways than I ever thought imaginable. I went into our mentoring believing a was safe, happy, and content, on my path and fulfilling my purpose to my full potential – I soon realized that wasn’t the case, Laban opened me up to a world I didn’t even know existed, I am beyond grateful, I don’t believe any words will ever describe the gratitude I have I have for this incredible soul. I feel truly blessed our souls connected, the gratitude I have is a wonderful feeling – he changed my life, he opened my eyes to the magic this universe has to offer, I’ve never been happier.

I went from a sad, lonely lost soul, to a driven woman, with a purpose, waking up with passion every day, working for herself motivating others. Laban is a bright guiding soul, he’ll bring light into anyone’s darkness – I feel blessed to have had the opportunity <3 I now know I can do anything I choose to, I have the trust that I am everything I need to be, and with Laban as my mentor I know I am aligned with my goalposts. Laban – you are a gift to this world!

Abbie Morgan

Transformational Coach

Had an opportunity to listen to Laban at one our Team day. Interesting to see no PowerPoint slides, just pure conversation/sharing experiences and bringing the audience to share their’s. It was like sitting around a campfire and having a conversation. Simple and very effective!

Avinash J.

Assurance Management Expert at ANZ

Highly recommend Laban – he ran a fantastic session with my team this week, with a very refreshing, memorable approach & style. His stories resonate with my people and they took away a number of inspiring messages from his talk. If you want to take a break from Powerpoint and take in a different perspective on life, get Laban in for a chat!

Breiffni White

Head of Assurance, Retail Products at ANZ

Thank you for the energising and insightful presentation! Laban’s speech was thought-provoking and insightful and he shared his own personal journey as well as valuable resources we can take away to help us on our goals. His speech inspired me to look at my situation from a completely different angle and break away from some of the inner boundaries that keep me away from success. I would highly recommend Laban to anyone who is looking to transform any aspect of their lives.

Ruwini Taleyratne

Assurance Management Expert - COE at ANZ

We’ve used many speakers over the years to inspire teams across ANZ, but Laban took the experience to a whole new level.

Not only did he provide specific memorable examples of real life experiences, he did so with great humor and fun. I felt personally he did a great job of teaching and sharing, all the while being super engaging. Laban also provided the perfect balance of humour and inspiration during the session and the audience really connected with Laban, it was clear that he had done his homework to send our staff out with messages of inspiration and aspiration for both their professional and personal lives.  Laban graciously stayed to for anyone to ask questions and valuable advice; we were all very humbled by his down to earth demeanour.

We would love to have Laban back again, and I would highly recommend Laban for any corporate or personal event.  Laban has revamped the world of Motivational Speaking with his personal touch.” Thank you, Laban, for a presentation our team won’t soon forget!”

Brad Goddard

Assurance Management at ANZ

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