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“Be braver than you were the day before”

What would your life look like if you were fearless in everything you did?

What opportunities have you missed out on because of a fear of failure, or heaven-forbid, fear of success?

In his knockdown presentations, Laban unabashedly delivers his polarising ideas and tips on how to build the life you only ever read about.

Giving yourself permission to be brave is not only the greatest gift you can give yourself, but it’s also … the most fun!


A chance encounter with a substitute teacher on his sixth birthday alters forever the way Laban looks at unconditional generosity and sends him down an accidental path towards a “love and abundance“ mindset.

This is must attend talk for anyone that want’s increasing the amount of prosperity and positivity in their life via the “go giver” mentality.


Do you live a life of regrets?

How many opportunities have you missed out on due to crippling fear ?

Laban shows you how to crush it at life by being braver than you were the day before. Leave this keynote with a new outlook on life and be braver than you could ever imagine.

Why Dino-Balls?

You’ll have to ask Laban this in person.

Become Your Own Superhero

After interviewing the world’s greatest motivational Speakers, Nobel Prize winners, Australians of the year, Mars-One astronaut candidate’s, reformed Ku Klux Klan members, Duel-Olympic Gold Medalists, World-Class Relationship Experts, Nutritional Psychiatrists, Politicians and best-selling authors.

Laban shares the secrets, traits, and philosophies of the most interesting (and successful) people on the planet. 

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